From Data Collection... to Analysis: Helping BRAC WASH bring everything together

Our colleague Ingeborg Krukkert at IRC blogs this week on about the challenge of putting all this data to work:

Monitoring activities focus very much on data collection and much less effort is spent on analysing and using the data. BRAC WASH together with IRC and BeDataDriven are changing this. BRAC ICT and BeDataDriven are jointly developing and fine-tuning software to support the final steps in the monitoring process. With this new software you can combine different types of data sources (MIS and QIS in our example), run an analysis on the data, visualise the results and produce a basic report showing it all. This software will become a new version of ActivityInfo, which was developed by BeDataDriven and will be integrated with BRAC ICT’s existing systems.

It's been exciting to welcome BRAC's development team to the ActivityInfo project, and thrilled to put the tool in the hands of Brac's WASH programme, which reaches an astounding 30 million beneficiaries. Read more about BRAC Wash

Coming up: We're looking forward to rolling out the new complex survey analysis functionality on which we've been collaborating in the month of June.

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