Release 2.11.856

Released on Jun 20, 2016 and includes the following:

Adds the option to point ODK Collect to a single database to reduce the number of forms displayed in the app. - AI-1417 FIXED: Do not call server if we know in advance that filter is too broad. - AI-1414 Form field should be disable if project is selected - AI-1413 FIXED: Export : Invalid char (:) found at index (4) in sheet name 'CPSC: 4Ws 2016 (Ongoing-Complet' - AI-1412 FIXED: System is accepting previous month date in "To" date field from added lock time entry - AI-1411 FIXED: System accepts spaces characters in Name fields when user tries to create new database - AI-1409 System is showing Image and Attachments fields/value in Details screen, even user deleted those value via edit - AI-1405 Wrap form and project names in add timelock dialog - AI-1404 FIXED: In Edit Target screen system does not changing Partner and Project immediately on background - AI-1403 FIXED: System saved the edit project by clicking on Cancel button - AI-1398 FIXED: System does not showing Start date filtering entries on Open Table screen - AI-1396 FIXED: Failed to persist Attribute (seems to be issue in SchemaImporter) - AI-1391 FIXED: System does not importing Calculation and Code successfully when user tries to import exported form Data - AI-1376 FIXED: Users receive permission defined errors from backend - AI-1366 FIXED: Changes in design of a beta form are not synced in offline mode - AI-1364 FIXED: User is not warned about unsaved changes in monthly reporting grid - AI-1363 FIXED: User is able to save "New Submission" > Beta Form after given Alphabetical characters in Quantity fields - AI-1351 FIXED: Loss of precision in report page view - AI-1326 Inform users that they do not have Design rights instead of showing only a blank page - AI-1321 Display entered zeros in site Details tab - AI-1288 The name of the database should be provided in the design database page, not the name of the description - AI-1235 Allow ODK Collect to point to a single database - AI-1153 Allow definition of relevance criteria based on quantities using >, <, >=, <= - AI-1015 FIXED: System is accepting previous month date in "To" date field - AI-891 Need to add scrolling on the right column of the Design tab - AI-770 Remember the columns choosen by users for a given form class