Why choose ActivityInfo?

I was able to set up my cluster's database in a single afternoon.

Education Cluster Coordinator

Easy Setup

Non-technical program managers can easily set up the system according to their needs without having to rely on technical consultants. ActivityInfo follows the logic of your organisation, program or activity.

Integrated Analysis Tools

ActivityInfo's tools are built right into the application - no need to shuttle data between databases or separate tools for analysis. You can start getting real value from your data from day one.

Combine data effortlessly from any ActivityInfo database into a single report - whether its from your log frame results, a beneficiary survey, or a shared cluster database.


We have a seven-year track record of providing ActivityInfo as a service to thousands of users in 50+ countries with 99.95% availability. We know your programme depends on its information system, and we're standing by to make sure it works for you.

Want to try out ActivityInfo?

If you sign up to ActivityInfo then you are are automatically using the free plan which is a great way to give the service a try. The free plan includes full access to all features for an unlimited period of time.

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Give each person in your organization the power to create valuable information based on your data.